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Ksenia Alekseeva • Olga Volodina • Olivier Borson • Eleonora Ronconi

Grzegorz Protasiuk • Sky Kim • John Glynn



This issue of Adore Chroma brings you six artists and a feast of colour.


Olivier Borson photographs Venice stripped of tourists, naked and beautiful, a beacon of shining light, colour and history.


Ksenia Alekseeva is our Chroma Highlight she started out photographing the nude in order to “depict the woman as one of the most beautiful creatures on earth…”  And she succeeds.


Olga Volodina gathers her friends and family and produces the remarkable series Flower Power.


Grzegorz Protasiuk’s Artistic Stills shines in its crisp depiction of everyday objects that are reimaged in new ways, making the viewer look twice.


Elenora Ronconi photographs amusement parks at night, she purposefully chooses to highlight the space and colours of the park so that her memories can fill in the blanks. Her late evening blue sky against both the muted and bright colours of the park will revive memories for all of us who have been to a fun park as a child.


Sky Kim’s series Echoes of Shadow is inspired by the “soundless voice” of the marginalized in society. For him “colour represents complexity and confusion.” His pictures of shrubs against brick buildings and empty parking lots, beg us to look again.


John Glynn discusses the relationship that once was sewn between Existentialism and Photography, sharing his thoughts on how the two, although separate could inform each other.


Sandra Djak Kovacs









ISSUE 002 • JULY  2014 • 104 PAGES • $2.99 • 70MB

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ISSUE 001 • MAY  2014 • 104 PAGES • $2.99 • 70.1MB

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ISSUE 004 • NOVEMBER 2014 • 105 PAGES • $2.99 • 53MB

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ISSUE 003 • SEPTEMBER 2014 • 95 PAGES • $2.99 • 58MB

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